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Mi Electric Scooter M365 - color black  ( STOCK IN EUROPE )

The electric scooter has a minimalist design in which every detail works for convenience and ease of use. Solid and foldable design, long stable steering wheel and shock absorbing pneumatic tires provide the most comfortable and exciting driving experience.

Transport and folding: Press the button, and after 3 seconds the scooter will unfold and it is ready to go. When you reach your destination, press the button again and the vehicle will fold as quickly.
Comfortable, non-slip steering wheel: All controls are placed on the steering wheel to turn the engine on or off, just press the power button. Above it there is a charge level indicator with integrated LED diodes.

Reliable support underfoot: The scooter is equipped with large 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that provide comfort and better shock absorption. The excellent cushioning properties of the tires make the scooter suitable for most city roads. The ride is smooth and quiet due to the specific design of the engine. The 250W brushless DC motor is built into the front wheel, it is quiet and allows you to quickly reach 25km / h. The scooter has a wide platform, thanks to which both feet will rest.

Dual braking system: The scooter has a ventilated braking system and E-ABS technology that makes the response time fast and the braking effective. The braking distance can be shortened to 4 meters, which increases driving safety.

Rear warning light: The bright red light at the back of the scooter ensures safe driving at night. Press the brake to flash light to warn vehicles and other road users.

Incredibly bright headlights: Thanks to the front and rear lights, the Mi Electric Scooter is one of the safer and more comfortable scooters. The front light is equipped with LED 1.1W, which illuminate 6 meters of the road.

30km on one charge: It is powered by LG lithium-ion cells. They are well protected against mechanical damage, and also have their own multi-level protection against short circuits, overcharging, overheating. After the battery is discharged, charging takes 5 hours.

They manage the scooter through the application: It can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. With the help of the phone, you can make all your driving adjustments. In the application you can check the current speed, battery level, speed, travel time and other indicators.

Speed ​​control: Thanks to the latest technologies that contain a unique speed detection algorithm, it can independently move at a constant speed, practically taking over control and freeing your hands from fatigue. By maintaining a steady speed, the scooter also saves battery power.

Maximum load - 100 Kg

The set includes:

- an additional set of two tires,

- mounting key.