Processor Video LVP615 S

PID: HF-350

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ID 350
PID HF-350
Weight 5,000 kg
Weight with wrapping 6,000 kg
Condition New
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1. New generation Faroudja® Real Color® professional LED video processor 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing Faroudja® TureLife™ videoenhancer.

2.SeamlessSwitchingFadeinFadeoutSwitchingBlend Switching

3.Twosignalswitching waysone keyswitchandPre.+Takeswitch

4. 3 sets of custom dualpicture display mode, one key switch between modes. Any PIP/PBP display. AIAO(Any In Any Out) function, any interception andanyoutput.

5. Inputsignalhotsparefunctiontoensureoutputmorestable.

6. CustominputDVIEDIDtorealizeperfectpixeltopixeldisplay.

7.Custom output format. Single unit maximum output horizontal 3840 pixelsorvertical1920pixels.

8. DVI input port supports APPLE PC. DVI Loop unlimited cascade to realize sync. mosaic to drive indefinite LED lattice. Frame sync technology . No miss alignment or delay between two adjacent image outputs.

9.Avariety ofcontrolmethodswirelessWIFI IP/LAN frontpanelbutton infraredremote controlPC softwareIpadmobile phone terminaland etc..Flexibleoperation.

10.2 channels configurable external audio inputs. Plus HDMIDP and SDI audiototal5channelsaudiosyncswitch.

11. Built in 2 pieces LED sending cards(compatible 4 RJ45 ports sending cards.Cardsareoptional.)

12. 24/7applicationhighreliabilityandstability


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